~ Mision target of the 2012 ~

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~ Mision target of the 2012 ~

Post by Staff ATS on Sat Feb 11, 2012 5:27 pm

Dear Friends and users.

In all the years we have been privileged to have each of you grow and see
the skills in the field of JK2 perfecionando each of the weaknesses with
passion, perseverance and patience.
Perfection is not the key to the success assured, who has a web server in full,
with more modifications or more players every day, because sometimes in
simplicity lies the success.
This is a cycle for all servers that have been years or so players and some
already exist or that lasted little or believed to be a clan or
However there are some servers 2002 in JK2 of those who have enough money to
pay this every month or have a dedicated hardware server for JK2 and
concluded its activities for a long time and lasted a few years. (No
more of 3).
The big difference is with the rest of ATS is its strength and teamwork,
where over the years some members quietly cooperate to maintain a server for JK2. And
we JK2 and ats because over the years the need for the game absolutely
requires ATS server ONLY for people empathetic and to gussta Fair play,
not so with the kind of people who have the ambition or the desire of seek perfection with cheats to win at all costs.
Generations discussed and disseminated to those who are starting this game, and where it can play.
This is not just a web server in the list, is the effort of every
generation, every place on earth where peers join their ideas, support
is fortalezen, have fun at each other despite the differences found in
the road, which eventually resolved with confidence and conviction that is the right way according to a basic standard of respect.
In the year 2012, after 7 years we have continued due not only to the
amount of time spent, if rather the quality that has given each of you
and some friends users.
Everything that begins must end some day but despite this people want this server
even above all things, not just because there are few servers where
people play, but rather by a feeling.
The various activities that we can return again without problems as long as
there is an adequate organization for this year, proposing dates for
tournaments and events as we have done every year.

We therefore as founders the mission to strengthen aspects as:

1) Take up activities of tournaments either rank or skill Championship.
2) Power meet at least 1 time per month to make these tournaments mentioned above, proposing an annual fixed calendar date.
3) There are some members that are still very aware of the server and need
more support maybe, but we need to call to vote for new directors
4) Other board members are also working on new projects, which would be
very interesting to answer and help with more ideas and opinions.
5) Each of us should be able to resume some of your time (2 times a
month), as we do the oldest members and founders to meet, teach and
delegate to the new generations.
Staff ATS

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Re: ~ Mision target of the 2012 ~

Post by Agustin on Fri May 04, 2012 9:12 pm

ok Very Happy

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Re: ~ Mision target of the 2012 ~

Post by Ace on Thu Nov 15, 2012 6:41 pm

Lets do it!
~High Council*
~High Council*

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Re: ~ Mision target of the 2012 ~

Post by Elixir on Thu Nov 15, 2012 6:45 pm

Let's!! cheers

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Re: ~ Mision target of the 2012 ~

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