What is going on in Greece????

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What is going on in Greece????

Hello guys this is SyLba from Greece 

     Right now if you are active in world news i am sure you must have heard about again our greek crisis but in a different level.
     In this blog i dont want to choose a political position  or tell you who is right or wrong i want to describe what is the situation right now and what are people see.Cause it is better to hear from me than from your tv (propaganda) .So i will be objective as i can. 
     Greece has a big debt and its economy is a litle controled by those(Europe) you lend the money so it can help focus on growth and open new jobs etc. all the good stuff that a good and strong economical country can achieve. The debt is partially payed as the years go by like a house load but with different procedures. How and Why a contry like Greece ends up with big debt its something i will not discuss right now.

     The thing is that European organitations that lend money want to be sure that also the country will take the proper measurment so it will lead to economic stability. So mean mesurments like lowing the average work income or the old age pension , "must" be taken.

     And so Greece did like that for 4 years and more. But as you know people got angry and many were devided to people that became poor and people that became good economical. So Greece was going well following the good program that europe  with greece gave and was going promising reach the economical stability.

     But as i said there was a division poor people could not survive. Some lost their jobs ( other for good reason as they were not doing nothing  but others not) So we had some of community problem.
     In January 2015 we had a new election here the goverment was changed by people who promised many many things for the communities. Like people to take back jobs and other thigs. Those promisies were hard to keep and have a hard program given by europe. 

     So the new goverment went to discuss some new measurments but much lighter for greece. But europe could not agree as those where much lighter and afraid that they wont work.

     For some months that was happening the new goverment had bad communication with the europe for those measurments , many politicians for greece and europe lied about the situation and they could not find an agreement.

     The last week the greek leader said that after long time of discution the measurments could not be so light and the people from greece must decide if
they want them or not.
      So tommorow we are gonna vote on if we agree on those measurments. Carefull we did no say if we want to stay in EUrope or not but if we want those measurments.

      The story so far is the easiest version that someone can tell. There are many inside stories that can blame our goverment and litle europes on bad and liying behave.

     NOW the main problem in greece is the community divition and i will write a new blog tomorrow or monday so if you have any quastion i will answer.

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What is going on in Greece???? :: Comments


Post on Thu Jul 09, 2015 2:01 am by Outcast

I hope everything is resolved sooner rather than later for all this great town with so much history and culture.

Changes are always good.

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Post on Sun Jul 12, 2015 8:20 am by Matijas

I think Sylba U have not seen situation in Poland, actually there is worse crisis in Poland than in Greece Wink And we in Poland have a dumbass President that want to sell Polish lands... My dad in Poland have less Money for work than in Greece. Polish President wants to invite imigrants from Africa and give them house, money, eat, FOR NOTHING, Polish Worker recives less than this imigrant...

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Post on Thu Jul 23, 2015 5:32 am by SyLba

Matijas , what you are saying does not give me any reason to say that Poland is in worse situation than greece , but then again i can not tell the opposite because first of all , i do not know whats going on generaly in your country and second of all and most important thats not the case. I did not said in my post anything about the major or specific problems in my country . I was aiming for what can happen from a crisis to people and what is in their minds. So you can not hear from your home tv that might not tell you the truth cause we know that internatinal media make big propaganda.

     If we want to talk in that level we can say that syria and other west countries that dealing with much more worse issues than our countries.

    Anyway i hope you will also deal with your problems and i hope for the best.

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Post on Fri Jul 24, 2015 8:37 am by Dark Kyle

Sylba, and what he might know too young, do not listen to him, of Greece is said around the world every day, black and white can be seen that there is a problem, sometimes I follow the news on this topic, Europe opens again unless you fund it?

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