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OpenJK on JKHub

This is a thread to discuss all things OpenJK related, be they technical banter or otherwise.

OpenJK is an engine enhancement for JK2 and JKA, which is designed to be "the ultimate source code" to base your mod projects and standalone projects on. It, like the rest of the source release, is licensed under GPLv2, so you must adhere to it (openly distribute your source code, and we don't have any problems!).

It features:

Working, compilable version of the game under MSVC 2010, 2012, and (soon) CMake.
Multiple bugfixes to the game
Corrected/removed a few pointless errors from the game:
Singleplayer Ghoul 2 transform limit matched to MP, making all MP models usable in SP
r_max_polyverts warning and NULL poly shader only shows if /developer 1.
Removed CD check and productid check from the game. Removed anti-tamper code and CL_PacketParseEntities error
Fixed issues with ATI cards crashing upon startup
Exploits removed
Removed illegal stuff/badness
Several improvements to the console:
Added scrollwheel support to the game's console (shift scrollwheel for turbo speed!)
Console no longer requires the shift key in order to open.
Pressing shift pageup results in a faster scroll.
JK2 Singleplayer and JKA Singleplayer playable from the same executable, and switch games via a cvar. This has a side benefit of adding dynamic glow/other JKA engine features to JK2.
(Most) iojamp and ioquake3 fixes included [wip]

It will soon feature:

Mac Support
Linux Support
(possibly) 64 bit support
Modular renderer / XReaL renderer support

Please do not ask about:

Renderer-related stuff, we're well aware that the renderer is (censor)
Gameplay-related "suggestions". OpenJK isn't a gameplay enhancer.
What's possible with the engine - because anything is possible with the engine source.

Fork it now!

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~Retired Founder~

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